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Every kitten needs a little catnip from time to time to take away the
tension of the day and to make him feel oh so very spunky...and a
little bit stoned.  Although this may not make you feel stoned hopefully
it'll make you chuckle and will take away some stress. (If this doesn't help
I suggest a BJ.) 


Celebrity Crotch Challenge

Click on Dreamy Scott to take the fun crotch identification
quiz (created in his honor).


Idol Offspring - Season 5

Click on Sailor Scott to view the hypothetical, hideous spawn of American Idol (season 5) contestants, a la Conan O'Brien's "If They Mated."

Idol Offspring - Season 6

Click on Swashbuckler Scott to view the disturbing hypothetical offspring of American Idol (season 6) contestants, a la Conan O'Brien's "If They Mated."

Big Rack Attack (B.R.A.)

Click on Scruffy Scott to experience B.R.A., the titillating test that gauges your knowledge of hootage.  Also be sure to check out LINKS for "The Boobs Name Generator!"

Romance Novels Gone Horribly Wrong

Click on Romantic Scott to see actual romance novels with rewritten, twisted titles.  This section was inspired by  "Longmire Does Romance Novels" (see LINKS).

Seinfeld Trivia Quiz

Click on "Let's Get Physical" Scott to take a quick Seinfeld trivia quiz.


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*Special thanks to my wonderful friend and sexy piece of man sausage, Scott Newman,
for allowing me to use his gorgeous face for my icons.